Male relatives kill young woman in Herat

A 24-year-old woman has been killed by her brother, cousins and relatives, local authorities confirmed in Herat. This tragic incident took place on Thursday, May 28, in Ghoryan district of Herat province, according to officials at Herat directorate of women affairs.  

The woman was killed by her relatives when she visited her father during the Eid occasions, says a statement issued by Herat directorate of women affairs.   

“The victim had eloped with her lover in 2017 while she was engaged to her cousin. She was arrested and sentenced to five years of imprisonment on charges of extra-marital love affairs,” says, head of Herat directorate of women affairs.

After serving her sentence, she married her lover and gave birth to a baby, according to local officials.

Herat police have not commented on the incident.

The western Herat province has a long record of violence against women.

Source: Kabul Now

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