Hazara Diaspora and Civil Organizations in Italy Statement regarding the attacks onthe Abdur Rahim Shaheed High School in the Hazara neighborhood west of Kabul

Today, April 19, 2022, two explosions took place in front of the Abdur Rahim Shaheed High School gate in the Hazara neighborhood of Western Kabul, killing tens of studentsand injuring dozens. Another hand grenade attack occurred in the Mumtaz Tuition Center on the same day. These coordinated attacks mark the continuation of terrorists targeting the Hazara educational centers for years.

On May 8, 2021, explosives weredetonated at the Syed-o-Shuhada Girls High School gate in the same neighborhood, killing at least 85 girls and wounding over 147 more.

According to independent sources,more than 35 attacks have targeted Hazara gatherings in the last five years, includingschools, tuition centers, sports complexes, maternity wards, mosques, and weddings,which have killed hundreds of people. The Taliban regime holding the de facto power inAfghanistan has a record of human rights violations against the Hazaras; hence expectingthe Taliban to safeguard the lives of the Hazara people is futile.

While condemning the attacks on the Hazara education centers, the Hazara diaspora andcivil organizations in Italy ask the human rights organizations worldwide and theinternational community to monitor the situation in Afghanistan and adopt the followingmeasures.

– In the absence of a legitimate & internationally recognized state in Afghanistan,we ask the international community, the United Nations, and other internationalbodies to pay attention to the target killings of the Hazaras and adopt measures tosafeguard their lives.

– Hazara genocide in Afghanistan is a century-old starting in the 1890s. Theinternational community, the United Nations, and other international bodiesshould officially recognize the genocide against the Hazaras in Afghanistan.

– Human Rights special rapporteur for Afghanistan and Amnesty Internationalshould investigate the evidence for the ongoing genocide against the Hazarapeople and present their findings to the relevant international bodies such asInternational Criminal Court (ICC).

– We urge the human rights bodies and organizations in Italy to raise their voicesagainst the violation of the human rights of the Hazaras by the Taliban, the IslamicState of Khorasan (IS-K), and other terrorist entities operating in the region.

– We urge the Republic of Italy to use its diplomatic resources at the United Nations,international forums, and bilateral relations with other countries to safeguard thehuman rights of the Hazaras in Afghanistan.

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