Safe Haven for Terrorists in Maidan Wardak by Discrimination Against the Hazara

Kabul Press: A list of officials in Maidan Wardak, Hazaristan, shows that 41 out of 42 officials, including the governor and security commanders, are Pashtuns, and only one of them is a Hazara. Another list containing the name of 32 security officials in Maidan Wardak shows that there is no any Hazara among them. In that list, 9 are Tajik, 2 are Bayat, and the rest are all Pashtuns. Having a province with almost all officials from one ethnic group created a safe haven for the Taliban, who share the same ethnic background.
Maidan Wardak is a part of Hazaristan, but, in the last decades, under the Pashtun regimes, including the Islamic Emirate of Taliban, The Hazara faced genocide and systematic discrimination resulting in the invasion of their lands.

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